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Jes. 24. Hollywood. UCLA. Bibliophile. Insomniac.

Things I Love: women. dinosaurs. science. star wars. doctor who. imogen heap. red hair. weed. sail boating. surfing. my cat, Monster. crossfit. my ukulele. bacon.

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She loves to ride.

I can’t stand how cute she is.

You guys wanna help me name my sweet baby girl? I’ve have a few names in mind but I’m not set on them. Bonus points for Doctor Who/Star Wars related names. ;-)

One more week til I get to have her.

Is everyone having sex except me?!!!!

Can I rant about my absolutely beautiful girlfriend that I love so very much for a minute?? She’s an angel. I love her more than anything. She makes me laugh and smile more than anyone. She’s my best friend. But sometimes she works on my nerves like no other. She’s so incredibly passive aggressive and sometimes I don’t know how to deal with it because I’m such a straightforward person and I say what I need to say. When I ask “What’s wrong?” the ever so lovely “Nothing” surfaces with deafening silence for what seems like decades. I love her anyway. Women are god’s most beautiful creation but they will make you crazy.

Lazy Friday in bed. 😴

I hate having an unreliable drug dealer.

I just want some weed, man.

Get your shit together.

Laying in bed after an exhausting day is my favorite.

Is it possible to be with someone that you have absolutely nothing in common with?

They say opposites attract but can they stay together when the allure wears off?

Even when you love the person more than the very air that you breathe, can it last forever if you share no interest at all except the fact that you care for one another???

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Thank youuuu. :-D